ohai! this site runs on an EC2 instance that I ignored for probably five years. It got scheduled for retirement at some point and I just didn't care. I've long since decided to stop paying for my youthful indiscretion of thinking it would be a good idea to run my own website. Well, maybe it helped me learn things at the time, but whatever, I'm over it, this is not on my list of things I spend time on. On a whim I booted up the instance just now and shockingly everything seems to be working. But I'm writing this in vim directly in the template file on the server (okay fine I'm writing it in emacs now that it's longer than six words and will be pasting it in vim) (okay FINE now I'm actually doing a tyopfix in vim) and it's like a archaeological project that I have no intention of actually diving into because I'm terrified of re-remembering how bad of a coder (and worse of a sysadmin) I was back then. I thought the same thing at the time of myself a few months prior, which is a trend that will no doubt continue to hold true. Anyway, all the below links are completely and utterly stale, except the bitbucket one, which just nearly is. I also am no longer particularly boring, although people who know me may disagree. But I don't really have any URLs that come to mind that I'd like to add. So whatever. This is just a meta-note into the ether, a message written on a wall, until some anonymous hard drive in some nondescript rack in some unknown datacenter somewhere in us-east-1 starts throwing SMART warnings (or more likely Amazon's custom-rolled somethingorther, because that's just how they roll) and this gets retired again... I'll be relieved when it finally goes down for good and I can be permanently freed from even the possibility of caring about this. I seriously think it might take another decade. --adamg, 2015-06-24 We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming. ---- Welcome to Adam Gomaa's homepage. I don't do much with this site anymore. * My blog, last updated late 2009 * My code on bitbucket * My Twitter account, last used during PyCon 2010 * My Delicious Bookmarks * A tiny bit of more recent writing I don't do much else, I'm pretty boring.