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Moving On From CPCC

Posted 2009-11-24T18:54:08Z - No comments

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I'm moving on from CPCC.

A Few Numbers, Without Context

Posted 2009-07-28T10:08:59Z - Three comments

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I've been harping to everyone IRL about this, I admit.

Using Multiple Screen Sessions

Posted 2009-06-30T08:13:12Z - 10 comments

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I've been using GNU screen for at least a couple years, but about 3 months ago, I changed my usage of it in a pretty major way, and I'd like to share my configs.

A Redis Session Backend For Django

Posted 2009-05-06T13:37:41Z - Two comments

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Redis is a distributed key-value store, and quite useful for sessions. Here's a Django session engine for it.

Subclassing Django QuerySets

Posted 2009-02-16T09:15:06Z - Two comments

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A couple utility classes for subclassing Django's QuerySet.

Blog Engine Updates

Posted 2009-02-01T18:15:19Z - No comments

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I made a few changes to how the blog engine works. Hopefully nothing breaks!

Essentials Cop-Out

Posted 2008-11-03T21:54:57Z - Four comments

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Playing a get-out-of-jail-free card for this whole 'one-month-of-blogging' thing.

Hofstadter's Terrible Law

Posted 2008-11-02T19:31:30Z - Six comments

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This took longer to write than I anticipated, even when I took Hofstadter's Law into account.

November Blogging

Posted 2008-11-01T22:40:12Z - One comment

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I'm blogging every day in November.

How Obama Could Disappoint Me

Posted 2008-10-27T11:14:03Z - Three comments

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A list of ways Obama could simultaneously disappoint and surprise me, and actions I would take in repentance for being wrong.

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